Sunday 9 June 2013

Practical Wireless 2m QRP contest

The 2m Moxon (arrowed as it is very small).
I don't have a permanent 2m horizontal antenna installed, but when I was first licenced back in the 80s I did spend hours using 2.5W from a Yaesu FT-290R into a 4-element quad in the loft.

I used to work around the UK, as far as Norway, the South of France. Germany and Switzerland. Ah - good old days!

So for the Practical Wireless 2m QRP contest in June I thought I would have a bit of fun. I put up my 2-element home-made Moxon beam at about 8m on a fishing pole and used a Yaesu FT-817 running 2.5W from my Norfolk QTH.

I took part for a couple of hours and managed to work as far as Holland, France, Sheffield and Ditchling Beacon near the south coast. Also worked a few locals and into Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire. Heard another guy near Cheshire, but he went QRT before I could get him.

Considering the size of the antenna I was amazed to work anything. Conditions were reasonable at first - I could even hear the GB3VHF beacon on a vertical dipole, but the band seemed to get worse by lunchtime.

All good fun though and happy to give away a few points. Nice to hear 2m SSB being used.


  1. Hello Steve,

    I'm also use this antenna on 2m with a lot of success.

    73, Gose

  2. Hello Steve,
    Very interesting on the 2 meter moxon. I am working on building a 17 meter moxon. I have the crappie fishing poles and wire. Deciding on the boom construction. Plus the 17 meter will fit my small backyard area.
    73s Dan Wagner KC2YTI