Wednesday 3 July 2013

Eliminating EMC problems

I gave a talk to my local club on eliminating EMC or RFI problems in the shack. This looked at how you can stop causing interference to yourself and to others.

It also looked at how electrical items around the house can also interfere with you (although I haven't included the videos in the attached PDF document).

These included everything from the washing machine (wipes out 30m) to the shaver charger (puts a noise out across the whole of HF).

Nevertheless, you are welcome to download the presentation handouts.


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  2. Hello. I'm in Slovenia. I searched on Internet about how dangerous are antena s of radio amateour station across the street from my windows? They are big antenas,3 meters wide. Four sets of them....They are pointing not inside my apartment, they are horizontal with me, but exactly in the level where I live (sixth floor). I'm with small child and afraid of EM exposure. Please help. Katarina

    1. Hi Katarina,

      You are unlikely to be at risk. However, for peace of mind I suggest contacting the Slovenian Amateur Radio organisation at they might want to see photographs. Steve G0KYA