Monday 21 October 2019

Range of HF propagation tools launched

There is now a range of online propagation tools available from the RSGB's Propagation Studies Committee, including Proppy for RadCom, VOACAP for RadCom, Predtest and Propquest. All very popular according to the feedback.

We highlighted these at the recent Newark Hamfest.

RSGB has now set up quicklinks to each of the tools, which will make it easier in the GB2RS audio bulletin. These are: 

Shows real-time critical frequency and MUFs over various path lengths. Excellent tool for HF users.

Designed by Gwyn G4FKH, calculates the probability of propagation over different paths and for different modes. Includes point-to-point and animated displays.

VOACap for RadCom
Shows the probability of propagation to 28 different locations around the world – the same locations used in the RadCom predictions. Can be tweaked for your particular station including mode, gain and power.

Proppy for RadCom
Uses the latest ITURHFPPROP tool to calculate the probability of propagation to the same 28 locations used in RadCom.