Friday, 12 October 2012

RSGB Convention, October 2012

I will be giving two presentations at this year's RSGB Convention - one on using HF propagation prediction programs and the other on modelling antennas using MMANA-GAL.

I have made the presentations available as PDF downloads should anyone want them. I'm not sure they will make a lot of sense without the accompanying talk, but you are welcome to them anyway.

Don't forget there is a free book that you can download that explains a lot about HF and LF propagation - see the link on the right.

Here are the links: 


  1. Steve thanks very much for the links, had a fast look at them and will be giving them a good look over during the weekend.

  2. i watched Steve's presentation on MMANA-GAl at the convention, and found it exceptionally interesting. Ive downloaded the application and have already started modelling some simple antennas, and designs that I have used in the past. Thank you Steve, again the quality of your presentations has been exceptional. I look forward to your next topic.

    Kind Regards Dan (M0TGN)

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