Saturday 3 September 2011

UK propagation charts for September 2011

Good autumnal condtions are coming. This is a good time for working north-south paths, such as UK to South Africa. Also, keep an eye on 21MHz and higher. With the solar flux index above 100 we are seeing some nice openings - have worked Nigeria, and heard Thailand, Japan, China and the US West Coast over the past few days on 15m. There have also been some good early morning (6.00-7.00 UTC) openings to Hawaii, the Pacific and the US west coast on 20m. Listen out for KH6s. Even 40m is looking good - if you don't mind getting up early. It has been open to the Caribbean and most of the US at 4am UTC - I have to get up early on Fridays anyway to get an early train! Have even heard WWZN Boston on 1510kHz medium wave on a 100ft W5GI dipole Anyway, good DX and 73. Go to the propagation charts

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