Wednesday 19 January 2011

Scam warning

I am getting an increasing number of enquiries from people who are either buying or selling amateur equipment. Someone is using my name and callsign to scam people. It isn't just me - there are lots of examples of this now.

The scam is that the seller wants you to send money via Western Union, or will send a cheque (which subsequently bounces). Their English is usually quite poor and, strangely, I don't live in Nigeria!

If you are approached by someone purporting to be me please put a comment on this blog entry. I'm not selling/buying anything at this time.

Steve G0KYA


  1. I think they are grabbing info from, such as your home address, and using that info to make their dodgy dealings look legit for punters. In a way, it is a form of ID theft. Scary!

    I was wondering when this would happen. As a whole, the amateur radio community is too trusting and open, for reasons of QSL'ing etc. Not good for these modern times.


    Andre', M0JEK

  2. I wonnder if they (miscreants) are using or similar to grab information?

  3. thanks for the heads up! great blog will come back 73 de matt m6ceb

  4. So you DON'T live in Nigeria ... who knew.....

    Seriously, Good Luck with the mess these morons created...

  5. I had the same problem! a person using his name and call claimed to have a Yaesu FTM350R for sale for $378 (US dollars) the person said to send the Money to his son in the UK to some School! I bit the bait but suddenly realized total SCAM! Steve himself even emailed me and the image the person sent of the rig is on Google Images!
    Ben Murray

  6. Hams should start baiting the scammers. We respond to their scams, and act innocent, wasting their time. We set up 070 personal numbers from places like Flextel, which are expensive to dial. We should get scammers to dial them. That is what I did

    and made the scammer really suffer. If more hams baited scammers, the problem would reduce dramatically.