Thursday 30 July 2009

HF Propagation Forecast June/July 2009

Here is the latest HF Propagation Podcast for June/July 2009 as featured on "This Week in Amateur Radio". Solar activity remains very low with virtually no visible sunposts. The Summer (in the Northern Hemisphere) is characterised by lower MUFs during the day than in winter, but higher MUFs in the evening/night. 14MHz may stay open later in the evening than it does in Winter. Sporadic E conditions are excellent, giving good short-range openings on 14, 21, 28 and 50MHz, occasionally getting up to 144MHz. Also available on iTunes


  1. Hi. After 8 years away from amateur radio I needed propagation info to get back on 10 and/or 20 Meters. I am in the Houston area and have only made one contact in two weeks. Radio FT-450AT and MFJ-1622 antenna due to apartment restictions.

  2. Hi Javier
    I am also in Houston area. I used to make digital contacts an 10. In the last two months even that had disappeared. Ham radio seem to be dying on many fronts. Unless the the satellites are up and running the end will not be too far