Sunday 1 February 2009

G5RV on 80m - inverted V or flat

After I posted my comments about how long antennas like the G5RV and Windoms don't like being set up as inverted Vs when being used on the higher bands such as 20m and higher, a friend asked if it makes a difference on 80m.

After all, for something like the UK's RSGB 80m club championship you need high angle NVIS communications.

I have found that it doesn't really matter what I use here - I get pretty much the same results. A G5RV, 85ft end fed (W3EDP) and full size OCF Windom all give signals of around S9 - S9+20db around the UK.

After modelling the G5RV in both inverted and flat modes with MMANA, it looks to me that it doesn't really matter. The performance on 80m is the same. See the plots (right)

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