Sunday, 14 November 2010

NDBs (Non Directional Beacons) in the UK

If you fancy a bit of LF DXing, these frequencies might be worth a try. They are non-directional beacons and are used by aircraft. I searched high and low until I found this list, so thought I would share it. Some may now be off the air.

I can hear my local NWI (Norwich) beacon but that's it. They send their idents in fairly slow Morse code. Have a listen, especially at night

Download the UK NDB list (PDF)


  1. Hello

    I am hoping to start listening out for NDB's.

    What equipment (ie radio and antenna) do you need for this hobby.

    Also are the beacons on am or fm.


  2. Hi,

    You need a receiver capable of receiving AM in the band around 300-400kHz. A good communications receiver will work, or you can start out with something like the Degen DE1103, which are around £40 on Ebay. I have one and can hear the local beacon on it.

    1. I am located just outside Ipswich. I have a 6-turn wire square loop, 800mm per side, rotatable on a brush handle, fastened to the bottom of the bed. Connected via coax my old Kenwood TS440, I can hear over 90 beacons in the UK and Europe. They are easiest to hear in CW mode, otherwise you can get several beacons all within a few kilohertz of each other, making decoding difficult.

  3. get a very strong one here in leicester UK permanently between 381Khz and 387Khz peaking at around 385Khz

    1. Brize Norton is on 386kHz, call BZ