Friday, 1 October 2010

New stealth antenna book released

I’m pleased to announce that my new book “Stealth Antennas” was launched at the Newark Hamfest in the UK. The book is now available to buy from the RSGB .

It will also be available from the ARRL in due course.

It looks at a host of stealth antennas, including indoor dipoles, magnetic loops, stealth verticals, flagpoles, birdhouses and others. It also looks at more esoteric designs like the EH, Microverts, microloops, Isotrons, plus lots of case studies from around the world.

There are details on safety, minimising RFI, ununs, baluns, EFHW matching, the Rybakov – even a zig-zag portable dipole that fits in a folder.

Keep an eye open for it at rallies too.

UPDATE: Now for sale on the RSGB website.

Steve G0KYA


  1. Hello Steve,

    Glad to see you're in print again. I know you've been working on this one for awhile.

    Thanks for including the Isotrons in the book.
    I've used them exclusively here because of antenna restrictions. Got my 1000 mpw award with the 18" 20 meter antenna.

    Stealth radio can be a tremendous amount of fun. If it weren't for the 'tags' on the car, my neighbors would never know I operate from here.

    Where there's a will, there's a way.

  2. Scotty in South Devon10 November 2010 at 13:40

    Well it looks like I NEED this book. I am taking the foundation exam in about 12 days time and have just had the "antenna discussion" with my good wife. Along the lines of "anything the neighbours even suspect of being an antenna you cant have, and by the way I don't want to be able to see it and its not going across my garden etc etc etc".. :-) At present I don't even have a radio - just the desire to get on air which has been with me since I was 14 years old...

  3. Loved the book........positively glued to it for weeks! For several years I have been using horizontal loops, at successive QTHs, fed with 300 ohm slotted ribbon. Structural work on the qth in July meant removal of the loop "man-traps", so when the work was done, I took the easier path and ran a stealthy 88' doublet over the roof tiles. 300 ohm ribbon runs back to a 4:1 balun with a foot of
    RG213u into the tuning unit. It performs well, even on 80M. I was surprised that this was the case, but even my 60M loop was a star on 80M when fed in a similar manner. So perhaps it's not just the "higher frequencies" away from the fundamental design frequency that will perform. Best wishes, Mike Holden G4HOL, Liskeard, Cornwall.